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medical asthetician info.

X Information about our medical aesthetics services:

WINKS + WHIMS Medical Asthetician has been practicing for over 6 years and has always had a passion for making women feel empowered through beauty. Our techinican graduated Advanced Clinical Aesthetics through Eveline Charles and has worked alongside top dermatologists in Calgary since graduating. She has always kept her knowledge current and up to date with industry seminars and attending advanced training.  Our technican's  goal with Bare Beauty is to combine the medical asthetics world with natural skin care and treatments. The fusion of the two create the best results while still being pampered.



Complimentary Consultation
30 minute skin analysis to create a customized treatment plan to achieve your skin goals, including home care recommendations


Relaxation Facial | $100
1 hour customized relaxation facial to destress and pamper yourself


Microneedling | $199
Collagen induction therapy, with only 24 hours of downtime. Used for aging prevention, skin tightening, scar treatment, pore reduction and evens skin tone and texture. 


Mini Casmara Facial | $75
A custom Algae Peel off mask that is an exclusive way to treat your skin, by applying a light pressure over the masked area while infusing active ingredients. It is possible to apply the mask over full face, eyes and lips. The mask lowers your skins temperature to improve the general appearance, in addition to firming and toning. 

Acne Facial | $120
1 hour clarifying facial includes steam and extractions, purifying mask, and hydrodermabrasion exfoliation.  


Dermaplaning | $100
1 hour no downtime, exfoliating facial using a scalpel to remove all dead skin and facial hair. Increases product penetration, and leaves your skin silky smooth for flawless makeup application. Will also improve skin texture and congestion. 


Herbal Beauty Peel | $120
All natural peel using organic Herbs from Alex Cosmetics that resurfaces the skin with no downtime or peeling. Amazing for sensitive skin! It is the strength of 3 microdermabrasion in one treatment. 


Upgrade to include a Casmara Mask for $40


Upgrade to add Dermaplaning before any treatment for $50

Before your facial:


  • Please stop all active and exfoliating skincare products 3-5 days before your treatment including Retin A (retinol), Benzyl Peroxide, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, and Beta Hydroxy Acids.

  • No facial waxing 1 week prior to your treatment.

  • Arrive to your Consultation with a clean face and bare skin to be able to do a proper analysis. 

  • Avoid sun exposure or tanning beds 1 week prior to your appointment. 

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early to your first appointment to go over a new client intake and consent forms 

X Microneedling Information:


The treatment will start off with 30 minutes of a topical numbing cream, to make the treatment as pain free as possible. Hyaluronic Acid will be infused into the skin during the treatment to help increase skins hydration. Following the treatment your skin will feel hot, tight and appear quite red like a bad sunburn. The redness will last approximately 24 hours following the treatment, during this time you cannot wear makeup or have direct sun exposure. Following the 24 hours, the redness will be replaced by dryness where you can exfoliate and go back to your regular routine. 

X If you have any additional information or questions regarding MEDICAL ASTHETICS please contact our technician directly at

X Booking your appointment:

Appointments for all services can only be made via our online booking system. We do not book any appointments in person, over the phone, or via email.


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