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fine line body tattoo info.

X Information about our fine line tattooing services:



Everybody deserves a space to get tattooed where they feel safe, included and comfortable. I am available to answer any questions or concerns at any time through my email. 

Booking your appointment:

Appointments for all services can only be made via our online booking system. We do not book any appointments in person, over the phone, or via email.


What should I know before I book an appointment?

Tattoos are by appointment only and I do not take walk-ins.


Aftercare is very important and will require you to pay extra attention to your tattoo as it heals.

Please wear dark, loose clothing around the area that will be tattooed. Complete healing for a tattoo takes about 3-4 weeks, ensure you are not swimming/soaking, sweating or exposed to UV rays for long periods of time. 


Before your appointment:


  •  Please ensure to reach out via email/DM BEFORE  your appointment with details of your tattoo design including all photos and/or specific font.

  • I allocate 30 minutes per appointment to create your design. If your desired piece requires more than the allotted time, an additional $20/hr will be requested prior to your appointment.

  • Make sure you've eaten and kept hydrated throughout the day.

What can I expect during my appointment?


  • If we have not already discussed your tattoo via email/Instagram DM, you are expected to send me a reference photo(s) and sizing (in inches) to ensure that we can have an agreed-upon sketch BEFORE your appointment. 

  • Your appointment will consist of minor sketch adjustments (sizing/placement).

  • Tattoos can be uncomfortable and pain will vary depending on the person, day, placement and pain tolerance. Please discuss with me if you are contemplating using numbing cream (numbing cream is not provided or recommended).


How much will it cost?


  • Up to 2” x 2” - $75

  • Up to 3” x 3” - $100

  • Up to 4” x 4” - $125

  • Bundles - 1-5 2" pieces - $150

Sizes greater than 5”, custom work, and/or multiples of any listed tattoos (ie. sticker sleeves) in one single appointment - please reach out via email or DM! I am happy to provide you with an estimate before your appointment! (Estimates are strictly estimates; final costs may differ.) 


Is it possible to book more than one tattoo in a session?

Yes! Please reach out if you’re looking to get multiple small tattoos in one sitting via email or DM for a quote. 

Do you do color tattoos?


I work with black/grey, white and red ink. I am only doing small and fine-line tattoos. I am not interested in working with colour, though there are many talented artists in Okotoks/Calgary that are colour artists!


How can I keep my tattoo looking  fresh?

  • Ensure you are wearing sunscreen ALWAYS on all exposed areas to the sun.

  • Moisturize the areas often. If you want to step it up a notch, you can use Aquaphor or Tattoo Enhancing lotions found at your local pharmacy.

  • Take care of your tattoo when it's healing! Avoid scratching and picking your tattoo as well as abrasive clothes, scrubs and loofah while the tattoo is healing for the first 2 weeks.

Please note: I am happy to provide you with an estimate before your appointment! (This may differ from the final price) 


Cancellation Policy:


I appreciate clients taking it upon themselves to make sure they are emotionally, mentally and financially ready for their tattoo appointments to ensure there are no last-minute cancellations or no-shows. When booking online a non-refundable deposit is required for ALL appointments. 


Zero patience policy for discrimination:


Any type of belittling, body shaming, discrimination, homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia or exclusivity is not tolerated.

All additional information and questions regarding FINE LINE TATTOOING can be found on our technician's insatgram @laualines and/or by email


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