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cosmetic tattoo, injections, fine line tattoo + permanent jewelry

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fine line body tattoo info.

X Information about our fine line tattooing services:


 Everybody deserves a space to get tattooed where they feel safe, included and comfortable. I am available to answer any questions or concerns through my email and DM.  

Important Information to know Before you Book:

•  I do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18! I do check ID on clients who appear younger.
•  Things I don't tattoo; first-time tattoos on the ribs, insides of fingers, palms, face, stomach.
•  I do not do tattoo colour work. Only black, diluted black, red and white. I am not interested in working with colour, though there are many talented artists in Okotoks/Calgary that are colour artists!
•   My specialty is small (‘tiny tats’) and fine-line tattoos. Due to the nature of my tattoos, I do not do cover ups.
•   I currently do not charge by the hour but by the piece.
•   Tattoos are by appointment only and I do not take walk-ins.

When contacting me Inquiries must include:  
•Picture examples.
•Details of your tattoo design:  Specific font names, initials, names, types of ink colours (black, white, red, diluted black) etc. (BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE)
•Size (in inches)
•How many tattoos and where you would like them. 

Please allow me at least 48 hours to reply to your inquiry.

• Any revisions that are requested require 48 hours notice prior to your appointment.
• I currently do not charge by the hour but by the piece. Feel free to submit as many tattoos as you'd like. You'll receive a price breakdown when I reply to your inquiry!

Booking your appointment:

•Appointments for all services can only be made via our online booking system. We do not book any appointments in person, over the phone, dm, or via email.

How much will it cost?

Fine Line Simple Designs:

• Up to 1” x 1” - $75
Semicolon, single letter, smiley face, small heart, individual finger tattoo

• Up to 2” x 2” - $100
Single word, simple fine line image (no shading)

• Up to 3” x 3” - $125
Small quote, simple fine line image(s) (no shading)

• Up to 4” x 4” - $150
Sentence/quote (not including spine tattoos*), simple fine line image(s) (no shading)

*spine tattoos are charged based on size 

• Bundles - 3-5 2" pieces - $179
3-5 simple tattoos no bigger than 2 inches with simple fine line elements. (Examples: sun, star, word, letter, small flower) 

Complex Designs:

Any image with 2 or more complex elements, tattoos with shading, micro-realism, large florals (including vine wraps, half sleeves*)

•  Small: 2-3 inches $150
•  Medium 4-5 inches $200
•  Large 6+ inches (1/2 sleeve pieces) Baseline price starting at $250

*multiple sessions are required for full sleeves, I only do half sleeves in one session.

Custom work, and/or multiples of any listed tattoos (ie. sticker sleeves) in one single appointment - please reach out via email or DM! I am happy to provide you with an estimate before your appointment! (Estimates are strictly estimates; final costs may differ.)  

Is it possible to book more than one tattoo in a session?

Yes! Please reach out if you’re looking to get multiple small tattoos in one sitting via email or DM for a quote.   


• The week of please moisturize the areas where you will be tattooed. Moisturized skin tattoos better!
• Make sure you've eaten and kept hydrated throughout the day of you appointment.
• Avoid sun exposure, cuts, burns in general, new products that can cause irritation, etc.
• Please NO numbing cream! It changes the consistency of the skin and will result in your appointment being rescheduled. If you have any questions as to why, please contact me!

Important Info:

•Please contact me a minimum of 48 hours before your appointment if you need me to adjust anything on your stencil drawings.
•Please dress accordingly to your appointment. Dark, loose clothing is ideal!
•I accept all cash and card payments.
•Clients must be 18+ years old.
•Please do not bring children to your appointment. 

•Please consult your doctor if you are breastfeeding and would like a tattoo, as there is a risk for infection.
•Clients must wait 6 months post accutane to receive a tattoo.
•Please disclose with me if you have any blood-borne illness’ (HIV, Hepatitis, etc.)


•If you wish to bring support please reach out PRIOR to your appointment day. I 100% understand that you can be nervous and need a hand to hold during your appointment. (Maximum of 1 person to accompany you as my space is small)

•The space I work in is small and support may not be permitted for longer appointments. 

What can I expect during my appointment?

 • Your appointment will consist of minor sketch adjustments (sizing/placement). 

• You will be asked to remove clothing covering the area where I will be tattooing. Make sure you wear dark, loose clothing around the tattoo so it doesn’t get dirty or constrict you during longer appointments!

• The area being tattooed will be cleaned and shaved. I will stencil on the tattoo where we discuss if the size and placement is okay! 

• We will then get started!

• I use bactine and green soap to clean the tattoo. Green Soap cleans the tattoo and removes excess ink and Bactine helps with redness and pain.

• Please let me know about any allergies you have the day of or prior to your appointment!

• You’ll receive aftercare information after the appointment is over via the way you contacted me! If you’d like a printed copy please let me know! 

Never feel the need to apologize for body hair, sweat, taking a break, needing to change the place of the stencil, etc! 

How do I take care of my tattoo? 

• Aftercare is very important and will require you to pay extra attention to your tattoo as it heals. Please wear dark, loose clothing around the area that will be tattooed. Complete healing for a tattoo takes about 3-4 weeks, ensure you do not have plans that include swimming/soaking, sweating or being exposed to UV rays for long periods of time.  

• Ensure you are wearing sunscreen ALWAYS on all exposed areas to the sun.

• Moisturize the areas often. If you want to step it up a notch, you can use Aquaphor or Tattoo Enhancing lotions found at your local pharmacy.

• Take care of your tattoo when it's healing! Avoid scratching and picking your tattoo as well as abrasive clothes, scrubs and loofah while the tattoo is healing for the first 2 weeks. 

Cancellation Policy:

•I appreciate clients taking it upon themselves to make sure they are emotionally, mentally and financially ready for their tattoo appointments to ensure there are no last-minute cancellations or no-shows. 

•Please let me know as soon as you can that you can not make your appointment!


Zero patience policy for discrimination:

•Any type of belittling, body shaming, discrimination, homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia or exclusivity is not tolerated. 

All additional information and questions regarding FINE LINE TATTOOING can be found on our technician's Instagram @laualines and/or by email

XO Lauren

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